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What makes our collaboration software unique.

FInd your Expert

All your experts and know-how in one place, despite having your assets spread all over the world.

Enterprise Knowledge Library

Share your knowledge (ideas, patents and available experts) with other companies or get information from other companies.

Secure Connection

Showcase your team, products, clients, about info, testimonials, latest posts from the blog, contact form, additional calls to action. Everything translation ready.


We offer seamless integration in your existing business applications

About our product

We over professional business solutions
Saving 80 % of your time on creating a team

Our aim is to accelerate the innovation process by connecting the right set of people to proper projects. This way we can speed up the overall time spent to search for innovations and implementing them in regular business.

Using our product,  national and international enterprises are able to  exchange ideas more rapidly.. Furthermore, our tool can be used to give everybody a quick overview about the skills that team members from around the globe can offer.


Working hard, to provide you with best business solutions!
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Tobias Kick

Project Manager
With Ashley in our team we have a capable and young project manager. She has a lot of experience in project managment and leads the whole team in the right directions
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Timothy is our Social Media Guru. He runs our Facebook and Twitter channels and leads our customer service divison.
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Toya is our Accountant and responsible for managing financial risks and also does the accounting
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Software Development
Jason is our software develoment specialist and leads our team of ambitious programmers


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